Outdated Performance Appraisals @ Work

Avoiding Bankruptcy

Employees aren't likely to divulge when things aren't going well since it can have negative consequences.  They might inflate the positives however.


Bad Report Card

Outdated appraisals are report cards and can be like criminal records that stay with you for your career.

Comfort Food

Constructive Criticism might be hard to swallow.  Traditional appraisals are designed to look for negatives to be used to justify ratings.

Lint on Your Tie

Traditional appraisals look for fault in order to justify ratings.

Bonus Points

False rewards and carrots and sticks.  Managers usually can't control employee rewards alone as their managers and HR have to approve.

High Five

Punishments and Rewards, Boss and Employee, outdated appraisals assume employees don't have pride in their work or professionalism. 

Happy Customers

The stakes are high at every appraisal so employees and managers might result to all kinds of trickery.

Too Good

Traditional appraisals are not designed to encourage good performance or to be future-oriented, they look backwards to try to label and rate performance.

Left Hand Compliment

Criticism after the game is over is useless.  Feedback should be provided while the game is still in play so that the performer can adjust.


Self evaluations are an IQ test. I am not likely to tell the truth if it will be used against me.


Traditional appraisals tear people down instead of build them up.  They can be harmful to one's health and career.

Santa Baby

Traditional Appraisals are designed to keep score, not improve while the game is being played.